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Active Days Out in West Cornwall


There is nothing as soothing, rejuvenating, breath-taking and relaxing as the magnificence and the ambiance of the natural beauty that welcomes you as soon as you step your foot on West Cornwall. This wonderfully endowed part of the UK offers one both a perfect way and a rare chance of exploring nature from different angles at relatively fare and cheaper prices. It is one of the unique places you will have a special moment to blend a taste of nature, art and culture as well as recreational activities like fishing excursions and boat trips.

Best Accommodation Options in Cornwall

For those who prefer self-catering holiday accommodation, there are plenty of fantastic Cornwall holiday cottages to discover. The Venton Vean, Penzance is a classy bread and breakfastIt provides a quiet atmosphere while having seafront sceneryIt's perfect for couples or singles who wish to have a peaceful holiday or vacation. Old Coast Guard, Mousehole is one of the classic hotels to stay at in the areaWith palm trees and views of the sea it is astonishing sceneryThere are restaurants to eat at nearby, so visitors don't have to travel too far.

Cornwall’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Cornwall has the most beautiful beaches in the world. There I said it. I know this is a contentious issue and it's inevitably a subjective view. Some people might prefer the palm fringed beaches of Hawaii or Thailand. But for me the windswept beaches of Cornwall have a rugged beauty that is unmatched anywhere in the world. Of course, as a local, I'm more than a little bit biased. I've been visiting many of these beaches all my life so have a strong personal connection with these glorious, sandy beaches.

Ten of the Best Restaurants in the South West

Rojano's (9 Mill Square, Padstow, PL28 8AE) There are loads of great restaurants in Padstow and Rojanos is one of our favouritesRojano's is a modern family-run Padstow restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal in one of the many intimate boothsAlong with an a la carte menu and an antipasti list, they offer a wide range of optionsCocktails and exclusively Italian wines are also available there, which can even be sampled at the grazing bar. 6Number 6 (6 Middle Street, Padstow, PL28 8AP) Paul Ainsworth’s Number 6 is an all-inclusive restaurant with a competitively priced a la carte menu and even a children’s menuThe dishes that Paul Ainsworth serves tend to be fresh and innovative, using well-sourced fine ingredients that are prepared with familiar techniquesThe restaurant itself is breezy, elegant and nonchalant.

Hanging Out in Cultural Fowey

Fowey, a small yet very historic and scenic community at the mouth of the River Fowey, has given inspiration to many of the nation’s literary greats, stalwarts of freedom, and religious figures that still draw a strong following even up to the present day. Enjoy a day or two exploring the historic sites as well as other Fowey attractions. It is best to stay in the area to really get under the skin of this magical destination. As a holiday town there are numerous hotels, guest houses, holiday homes and self catering cottages in Fowey.

Best Beach Venues in Cornwall for Wedding Photos

If you are looking for tranquil beaches which you want for yourself, your soon-to-be-spouse and the wedding photography team you've hired, those sun-bleached beaches in Spain, the South of France and the whole stretch of the Mediterranean won’t do. But you know what will? Yes, you got that right! English beaches will. And to be more specific, those in rugged, golden sand beaches in Cornwall would be perfect as a backdrop for wedding photos! Now, here are six of the best Cornish beaches which you should definitely go to for your wedding day shoot.

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