Cornwall is full of scenery with coastal areas, islands, and the peninsula. The Celtic sea is an amazing coastal area. There are many places to visit while in Cornwall. With so many different hotels to choose from, each one offers something unique. There are also bed and breakfasts for people wishing to stay at one of those.

The following list of hotels and bed and breakfasts make great bases for exploring all that Cornwall has to offer. For those who prefer self-catering holiday accommodation, there are plenty of fantastic Cornwall holiday cottages to discover. For example, see this website.

The Venton Vean, Penzance is a classy bread and breakfast. It provides a quiet atmosphere while having seafront scenery. It’s perfect for couples or singles who wish to have a peaceful holiday or vacation.

Old Coast Guard, Mousehole is one of the classic hotels to stay at in the area. With palm trees and views of the sea it is astonishing scenery. There are restaurants to eat at nearby, so visitors don’t have to travel too far.

High Cliffe, Falmouth is a contemporary place to stay at in this bread and breakfast. It’s a very friendly stay that offers breakfast rooms.

Trevalsa Court, Mevagissey is perfect for people who love history. It was built in 1937 and has open fires with views of the sea. However, they also provide rooms for people who are on a budget. There is also a restaurant located conveniently.

Cornwall holiday cottage

Cornwall holiday cottage

Barclay House is a great place for the entire family. It’s fun and relaxed at the same time. It provides a outdoor pool that is heated. A garden and a terrace also enhance the stay while providing opportunity for scenery.

Lower House, Callington is great for art lovers. With the original art, art lovers will appreciate the entire holiday. Oak beds only add to the artistic experience. There are even art courses for people to take and enjoy. Local restaurants and home cooked dinners are available.

The Abbey Hotel and Boskerris Hotel are perfect for people who are on a budget. Abbey Hotel is a small harbor, while Boskerris is cozy and provides books.

Driftwood Hotel is a great place to stay for people wishing to view the sea. People have even been able to spot and see dolphins and whales. It has a lot of character, while also providing a very good restaurant.

Fowey Hall Hotel is a perfect place to stay with children. They can cater and provide a pleasant stay for families and children.

Go Dolphin Arms has ten rooms, and is conveniently locates so visitors see St. Michael’s Mount.

St. Edmend’s House has six rooms that have the capability to see the ocean. It is also conveniently located right next to a restaurant.

The Cove Hotel is probably one of the best places to stay. It has catering, and dining options. A restaurant is available with seafood on the menu. The spa and pool provide relaxation and fun. Gardens and nearby beaches provide scenery and conveniently located experience for everyone. They even have a lounge, and sofa beds. Cove Hotel is a perfect place for the entire family.

Hotel and Extreme Academy is a great place to stay that provides unique features. With water sports, bistro, and different types of room it is a unique experience for everyone. The rooms are family friendly but also have romantic options as well.

Old Quay House is another unique experience that also has yachts. It is a perfect experience for people who love the sea but want to experience something new.

The Scarlet Hotel provides great scenery with sea and rocks. It also has a spa for relaxation. It’s a perfect place to stay for couples who want to relax, and enjoy a new experience.

The Salt House is a very unique and different type of bed and breakfast. The location is very conveniently nearby popular destinations. It’s also affordable, while providing an amazing decor inside.

Cornwall is full of adventure, scenery, relaxing places, and new experiences for everyone. Finding a place to stay shouldn’t be difficult with so many great options. Each hotel provides something different for couples or families. While bed and breakfast stays also provide a romantic place for couples, and some are even family friendly. It’s a great place to visit for new experiences with families or significant others.

The majority of the hotels offer different scenery while being located by restaurants. Some of the bed and breakfast even has catering options.