How to Enjoy a Great and Inexpensive Weekend in Cornwall

If you want to experience the most picturesque side of England, Cornwall is the place to go. With rolling hills, fine sandy beaches, and still-sleepy coastal villages, Cornwall promises to be the perfect budget holiday destination. It’s the perfect rural retreat, a haven for surfers both old and new, and a favourite party destination especially during the warm months of summer. Here’s how to enjoy a great and inexpensive weekend in Cornwall.

Towan Beach in Newquay in Cornwall

Day One

Always start your journey in Newquay as it already connects almost all of the other popular destinations in this part of the British Isles. It’s also home to some of Britain’s best and most famous beaches whether it is for surfing or swimming. The town itself offers plenty of opportunities to partake in rich Cornish traditions while also shopping for the best treats and trinkets to bring back home. The clubbing scene is exceptionally fun and exciting especially during school break as students and backpackers pack the many clubs and bars of the town from June to September.

Hit the beach anytime, even if the weather seems like not cooperating. You’d simply miss a lot of Cornwall if you don’t. Start the morning Fistral beach and learn a thing or two about surfing or simply hit the waves if you’re already that skilled. If you want a swim in gentler waters, Towan beach is the place to go. Then fill your heart with the delicious goodness of Cornish pasty.

Once you’re done with the pasty, take a 1 to 1.5-mile walk towards Crantock while being mesmerised by the beauty of the craggy cliffs with the pristine blue waters of Cornwall providing a marvellous backdrop. Ride a dinghy and hit a secluded beach before exploring an old Norman church and its immediate environs. Before heading back to Newquay, make sure to try Old Albion’s authentic ale and hearty fish and chips. Cap the night with the clubs and bars of Newquay before hitting the sack at any of Newquay’s inexpensive backpackers’ hostels and inns.

Day Two

On your second day, hop onto a Greyhound and discover the Georgian buildings that line the cobbled streets of Truro. It may not have the volume of tourists as in Newquay, but it definitely has more shops and more locals to interact with and learn more about Cornish way of life. Don’t miss the Cornish cream tea especially with a dollop of Cornish clotted cream. Visit the tri-spire Truro Cathedral and head out to the Royal Cornwall Museum for its largest array of natural historical artefacts, industrial arts, and ethnological pieces. Don’t miss the kooky specialty shops as well as independent boutiques that dot Lemon Quay. Before heading back home, make sure to drop by and dine at The French Bistro and enjoy their ratatouille with goat cheese or chicken casserole.

There are some great websites to help you plan a visit and book accommodation in Cornwall. Spending a day or two in Cornwall need not be expensive. By starting in Newquay, you can head out to Truro or some other Cornish towns for a great and inexpensive weekend holiday.

Tips to Make Your Cornish Holiday Active and Fun

Cornwall has many fantastic attractions and exhilarating activities to offer to everyone. People from all over the UK as well as from other countries flock to this part of Britain because of its amazing sandy beaches, rich cultural heritage, and a more laid-back countryside. If you want to experience all the thrills, fun, history, and culture that Cornwall has to offer, try considering these tips to make your Cornish holiday more enjoyable and fun.

Activity holidays in Cornwall

Seek out fun-loving companions.

The best way to enjoy a holiday is to get the company of fun-loving people. If you have friends who are killjoys or are grumpy in every sense of the word, skip them out. You’re here to have fun so make sure that you bring along with you people who are known to be spontaneous and know exactly how to enjoy a good moment.

Plan your fun destinations.

Cornwall has so many attractions from the fun and thrilling ones to the more serious types. You may want to start with a goal in mind because everyone has a different opinion of what can be considered as fun. Those inclined with culture are bound to consider a trip to historical sites, monuments, landmarks, and museums to be the absolute epitome of fun. For the adventure-seekers, riding the waves, exploring cliffside caves, or even riding a zipline can be viewed as fun. So, do take note of what kind of activity is fun for you. Once you are done with this, you can then list the different must-see destinations in Cornwall that are specific to your needs.

Don’t forget your camera.

If there’s an electronic gadget that you must always carry with you during a holiday, that would be your camera. You can go for point-and-shoot as these provide you with hassle-free documentation. If you have a more artistic flair, then a more professional grade camera is a must. Video cameras can also be excellent ways to document just how much fun you will be having.

Leave all other gadgets behind.

Your goal is to have fun. As such, aside from the camera or video camera, you are not supposed to bring any other gadgets with you. Leave your laptops or even your tablets and smartphones. Okay, perhaps smartphones you can bring. But resist the temptation of using it while you’re on a holiday.

Don’t be afraid to try new things.

Have you ever tried scaling the face of craggy cliffs while monstrous waves are pounding at your feet? Have you tried riding a zipline that’s more than half a kilometre long atop gorgeous biomes? Have you tried swimming with the mighty predators of the ocean or even exploring the whole Cornish coast on a kayak or a canoe? Is there anything you haven’t tried before? This is the ultimate goal of any fun-loving holiday-goer. To have fun is to try things that you don’t normally do.

Having the best time of your life while on a holiday in Cornwall is quite easy to accomplish. Just adhere to these tips and you should be fine.

Hanging Out in Cultural Fowey

Fowey, a small yet very historic and scenic community at the mouth of the River Fowey, has given inspiration to many of the nation’s literary greats, stalwarts of freedom, and religious figures that still draw a strong following even up to the present day.

Enjoy a day or two exploring the historic sites as well as other Fowey attractions. It is best to stay in the area to really get under the skin of this magical destination. As a holiday town there are numerous hotels, guest houses, holiday homes and self catering cottages in Fowey. Enjoy the countless activities and thrilling adventures in the Fowey Harbor. However you want to spend your vacation in Fowey, it is guaranteed to be well worth it.


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Follow the Steps of History on a Guided Walking Tour

The best way to really understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of Fowey is by taking a walk down its streets and alleyways, either on a guided tour or as a self-directed endeavor.

Visit the place where the famous Fowey Gallants were given the Royal license to attack and seize French vessels and other foreign ships in the English Channel at the height of the Hundred Years’ War. Explore why Fowey privateers such as Mark Mixtow and Sir Hugh Courtenay were bestowed such a privilege by the English monarchy.

Take a peek at the historic Polruan Blockhouse, the only one remaining of two blockhouses that were purposely built on both sides of the harbor entrance to protect the area from French naval attacks.

Explore the marvelous facade of the Place House that provided another defensive position for the defenders of Fowey against French colonial troops. Although partially destroyed during the attacks in 1457, the structure itself has undergone several reconstructions and remodeling throughout the centuries that followed.

Take some time exploring the ruins of the once-might and elegant St. Catherine’s Castle. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the 15th century structure, built with the purpose of defending English soil against the Holy Roman Empire and France.

Discover Why Fowey is any Artist’s Great Inspiration

Fowey’s naturally pristine harbor and strategic location makes it an ideal place to find inspiration and meaning among artists and writers both then and now. The town’s literary geniuses include the well-known single-letter, pseudonym-welding British writer Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch. Q, Quiller-Couch’s penname, is largely known for his The Oxford Book of English Verse 1250-1900 masterpiece.

Visit the home of world-renowned playwright and author Dame Daphne du Maurier whose “Rebecca” won the Oscar Best Picture Award in 1941 as a film adaptation. Or consider getting a glimpse of The Wind in the Willows author Kenneth Grahame.

Take time to visit the Fowey Museum and be inspired with its collection of local art as well as artifacts that tell of the story of Fowey’s historied past. Although small by contemporary standards, it nevertheless draws visitors from all walks of life.

Truth to be Told Among Believers

Explore the scenic landscape of Fowey and judge for yourself whether to believe in the popular legend that Jesus once visited Fowey together with Joseph of Arimathea. The legend has drawn many visitors who are either faithful followers of Christian living or curious knowledge-seekers. The story is made more real by the presence of a cross, locally known as Punches Cross, at the Fowey River entrance.

For the devout, a visit to the Fowey Parish Church is a must. Built in the early parts of the 14th century, the church was erected as a dedication to Saint Finbarr. Although it was destroyed by the French in the Hundred Years’ War, it was nonetheless restored by the Earl of Warwick in 1460.

Have Fun in Fowey

Fowey Harbor showcases a variety of fun-filled watersport activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, canoeing, wake boarding, sailing, and kayaking among others. Spend the whole day at the Readymoney Beach, the Polkerris Beach, or the Polridmouth Cove. Or you can cruise around the harbor on any of the vessels of Fowey Picnic Boat.

Although diminutive compared to other tourist attractions in Cornwall, Fowey has just the right combination of rich cultural heritage, religious sites, and inspiring scenery to draw throngs of tourists and vacationers.

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