Considered as the alluring jewel in the Cornish crown, St. Ives has been consistently voted as a favourite family holiday destination as well as one of Europe’s top 10 beaches. There’s adventure and fun at every turn where the beaches are lined with palm trees and blanketed with golden sands, making St. Ives a subtropical paradise in the southwest corner of the UK. And for those who would like to know more about this scenic place, whether for vacation purposes or simply to unwind, there’s no better resource than St. Ives at

The online resource features everything that you will ever need to know about this subtropical heaven at the corner of the British Isles. The layout is simple enough with an excellent visual presentation of the things that you are bound to experience in the locality. From the Blue Flag-rated beaches of Porthmeor to the kid taking on a fabulous view of the St. Ives coastline with its infrastructure and marvellous architecture on one side and greeted by warm blue waters on the other. And then there’s the head of a seal popping out of the water inviting everyone to see it and its friends up close and personal. These images alone already convey warmth and hospitality that one can truly look forward to when visiting St. Ives.

Scrolling down, St. Ives provides 4 very distinct sections that are further categorised into their own subclasses. You’re given the option to explore the many things that St. Ives has to offer from outdoor activities, nature and wildlife, the arts and culture, and, of course, shopping. Guests are also provided with superb information on where to stay including where to take on a gastronomic journey. There are options for all ranges of budgets and as such is a very welcome feature for the online resource.

The second section introduces guests to the major events that are happening in the town. From the St. Ives Food & Drink Festival at the Porthminster Beach to the St. Ives Biathlon that takes biathletes from St. Ives to Carbis Bay and back and to the St, Ives Literature Festival, there are plenty of festivities, happenings, and occasions that you just might find interesting. This can help you make a more appropriate plan for your next trip down south.

In cases where people are not convinced about the tourism value of St. Ives, the online resource has a section on the town’s history and heritage. This collection of videos presents St. Ives to the world through the magnificence of motion picture storytelling. Nevertheless, it should also be a great resource for kids who want to learn more about this historic place.

St. Ives caps its online resource with a presentation of the real jewels of the town. From the Barbara Hepworth Museum and Sculpture Garden to the Leach Pottery and Tate St. Ives, visitors are treated to a fantastic array of the stunning arts and culture of the town.

St. Ives – Cornwall is your best online resource for anything and everything St. Ives. With easy to use interface and superb organisation of web elements, you will never miss anything to make that once-in-a-lifetime holiday to St. Ives.